Fellipet Dog Bowl - Kristal Good Manners

The Fellipet "Good Manners" slow feeder dog bowl incorporates  an "anti-scoff" paw mechanism to slow down your dogs eating habits in order to aid his digestion. Whats more, its is designed in a square shaped modernist style, and comes in smoky quartz, rose pink, or sapphire blue colours. 


  • Anti-scoff inner bowl
  • Non slip base
  • Made from certified non-toxic acrylic
  • Top comes out for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher Safe (low temperatures recommended)


  • 175mm x 175mm total diameter
  • 135mm inner bowl size
  • Holds 1/2 litre of water


Size Guide

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Sizing Chart

Measure for a Collar

To measure for a collar or bandana, you need to measure your dog or cats neck. (Just like measuring for a shirt.) Place a tape measure around their neck allowing two fingers to slip under the tape for comfort.

How to get the correct harness size

You need to measure the chest behind the front legs to get the sizing. Place a tape measure behind the front legs around the chest.  Use that measurement to select the size from the shopping cart. For example:  If your dogs chest is 49cm then he needs the medium in the soft harness.



How do I measure for dog clothing?

To measure for dog clothing, measure the length of your dog's back, neck and chest (if applicable) and take note of the measurement. If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size, otherwise, it may be too baggy.  As each of our design collections has different measurements, be sure to read the specific sizing specifications of each product carefully.