Miyow & Barkley Snuggle Pod Beds

Snuggle Pod pet beds by Miyow and Barkley are the comfiest beds on the planet!

This design is the brainchild of owner and founder Traci Griffiths. 
Consistently throughout Traci’s adult life volunteering or raising funds for animal welfare groups has been a personal commitment. This commitment stands true through the m&b business, as part proceeds of every m&b product are donated to LOTL Rescue Australia. Traci is also a Director for a new rescue centre and sanctuary for all domestic, native and exotic animals called Zambi Wildlife Retreat. It is the only one of it's kind in Australia.

Every one of the products in the Miyow & Barkley range have been personally designed by Traci. She also works closely with her exclusive production partners to ensure quality of materials and construction. The combination of all of these qualities, experiences, skills, and passions have allowed Miyow & Barkley to have a phenomenal level of success in a short period of time. Pet owners appreciate the level of understanding of what their pets will love and retailers love the quality of the products.

MiyoBarkleykley has been around since 2006 and with its continued success and desired attention, can now be found in over 100 stores all over Australia, and is quickly spreading internationally.

Sizing Chart

Measure for a Collar

To measure for a collar or bandana, you need to measure your dog or cats neck. (Just like measuring for a shirt.) Place a tape measure around their neck allowing two fingers to slip under the tape for comfort.

How to get the correct harness size

You need to measure the chest behind the front legs to get the sizing. Place a tape measure behind the front legs around the chest.  Use that measurement to select the size from the shopping cart. For example:  If your dogs chest is 49cm then he needs the medium in the soft harness.



How do I measure for dog clothing?

To measure for dog clothing, measure the length of your dog's back, neck and chest (if applicable) and take note of the measurement. If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size, otherwise, it may be too baggy.  As each of our design collections has different measurements, be sure to read the specific sizing specifications of each product carefully.