Rufus & Coco Tear Stain Away for Dogs & Cats

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Does your little mate look sad all the time? Tear stains are reddish brown marks around the eyes that can be an ongoing maintenance problem for some dogs - especially those with white coats. Stains can also appear around the mouth, or on the legs if your little mate is a coat chewer!

Stains are usually caused by a yeast or bacterial infection. Rufus & Coco Tear Stain Away is a professionally formulated stain remover for pets. It is pH balanced for dog and cat skin levels and is safe and gentle.

It contains a mild antiseptic and clever cleansers to:

Manage the bacteria and fungus which cause tear stains
Gently remove the stain itself.

How to remove tear stains: First, apply some Rufus & Coco’s Tear Stain Away to a cotton wool pad or bud. Now, get your little mate comfortable and gently wipe the tear stains away. For heavy stains, leave some of the product on the coat to gradually work its magic.

Apply daily until the stain the removed. Regular application will prevent the tear stains coming back.

Do not use directly in the eye. Discontinue use if irritation or redness occurs.


The active ingredients in Rufus & Coco’s professionally formulated Tear Stain Away include:
Cocamidopropyl betaine – Derived from coconut oil, this mildly antiseptic compound acts on the bacteria and fungus that cause the tear stain.
Triclosan – This anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent breaks down the red yeast that is the most common cause of tear stains.
Boracic acid - The addition of very mild boracic acid aids the actives penetrating the fur to the source of the infection below.
pH Buffer - The pH buffer will soothe the eye in the event of inadvertent exposure.

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