Cats can learn tricks too!

Cats can learn tricks too!

The humble old kitty cat can sometimes be seen as aloof and stubborn but they can actually be taught tricks just like dogs!

Understanding their motivation and the use of positive, reward based training is the key to success! So get equipped with a clicker and some tasty treats.  Minipet actually sells clickers so get shopping and then training!


Believe it or not, you can teach your cat to sit.  Once again, use the clicker in one hand and a treat in the other and call your moggy to you.

Hold the treat slightly above their head and as their eyes follow the treat, they should sit. Once they sit, press clicker and reward with the treat.


Either use catnip or wet food on their favourite toy.  Throw it away from your cat and their hunting skills will come into play.  Press your clicker when they approach the toy and give them a treat.  You can take this a step further and encourage them to bring the toy back to you. Once they release the toy to you, use clicker and they get another treat.


The ultimate in cat tricks needs a lot of encouragement and treats!  It would be wise to use a special treat your cat adores.

Hold treat above them and wait until they reach for it with their paw.  When they lift their paw, start a command word like 'high five' and give them the treat.

Practice makes perfect and your cat will be a star in no time!

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Sizing Chart

Measure for a Collar

To measure for a collar or bandana, you need to measure your dog or cats neck. (Just like measuring for a shirt.) Place a tape measure around their neck allowing two fingers to slip under the tape for comfort.

How to get the correct harness size

You need to measure the chest behind the front legs to get the sizing. Place a tape measure behind the front legs around the chest.  Use that measurement to select the size from the shopping cart. For example:  If your dogs chest is 49cm then he needs the medium in the soft harness.



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